Selina Thompson (BPhEd, MChiro)

 A New Zealander from Hamilton, Selina Thompson has been recently based in Sydney for 18 years.

Selina has a Physical Education Degree majoring in Biomechanics.  She worked as a Sports Scientist at the NSW Academy of Sports in Sydney for a number of years while she also trained and competed as a kayak paddler.  She then completed a Diploma of Remedial Massage before undertaking a 5 year Masters in Chiropractic Degree.

By far the most important influence on her Chiropractic practice has been the 12 years of post-graduate training and mentoring from an experienced and extremely talented Osteopath, Malcolm Jack, in Sydney.  This has produced an approach to diagnosis and treatment that is extremely effective and produces outstanding results in a very short period of time.  Relief is experienced within a few treatments and once the primary issues have been resolved the body continues a process of correction and healing.

This comprehensive background of knowledge, skills and experience gives Selina a unique understanding of how the body reacts to different stresses and how this results in the presenting physical condition.  Selina has empathy and integrity and it always striving for the best possible result.

Selina and her family moved back to New Zealand in 2011.  Selina is proud to now bring this new treatment approach to New Zealand, starting right here in Taupo.