Preparation for Ironman

Completing an Ironman distance triathlon is a gruelling procedure.  So is the training process to even get to the start line.  It really is 12 months of swimming, cycling and running.  Most sports are only one discipline with maybe some strength training thrown in.  So to fit in multiple sessions over three disciplines around your normal working week and family life is a huge load on the physical body.  

In a distance event like the Ironman, athletes typically take 8-12 hours to finish.  For others, you could be on the move for up to 18 hours. That requires a huge volume of training to prepare your body for the demands of such a long day.  You want to be able to move at an acceptable speed to make sure you make any cut-off times and you really want to be able to enjoy the event too.  Getting through a 6-12 month training plan without sacrificing too many training sessions to injury is therefore a priority.

To avoid injury follow these tips:

  • Follow a training plan that starts easy and builds training volume slowly to avoid overuse injuries.
  • Get technique coaching for all 3 disciplines to avoid harmful technique and ensure efficiency.
  • Regular stretching, rolling and massage will help muscles to recover in between sessions.
  • Eat healthy foods and avoid foods that are inflammatory.
  • Have monthly Chiropractic treatments to maintain correct alignment, flexibility and balance and to avoid overuse injuries.

Freedom Chiropractic can help with not only back and neck pain, but also alignment and injuries to hips, knees, ankles, feet, and shoulders, elbows and wrists.

Common problems that can be treated are: 

  • Neck pain and headache 
  • Shoulder pain during/after swimming 
  • Numbness in hands on the bike 
  • Pelvic/leg imbalance on the bike
  • Back pain cycling and running 
  • Hip, knee and calf pain or tension from running

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Posted: Thursday 18 October 2018