Winter Running

Winter Running

Here are my top tips for running successfully during winter:

1. Set some goals. Having some specific goals is a great way to get motivated and stay on track. Find a running event to train towards and you will have an important reason to train every day. The running calendar website lists events throughout New Zealand.

2. Find a running partner. It’s always harder to pull out of a training session when you know someone else is relying on you to turn up. Have a chat and a laugh, you’ll soon look forward to your training runs.

3. Source a training program to follow. Turning up and asking “what shall we do today?” invariably leaves room for unfavourable answers like “go for a coffee!”. Mentally preparing yourself for a particular training session definitely gets you in the right mood and gives you a goal to focus on and achieve. Two websites with running training programs are: and

4. Clothing. There’s really no excuse for not having the right clothing these days as there are so many natural and technical fabrics, and options for running clothing. There’s long warm tights, wool and thermal tops, jackets, beanies and gloves. It’s definitely possible to be rugged up and comfortable running in the colder temperatures. If you are restricted to running in the dark, get yourself a good headtorch so you can see where you’re running.

5. Be flexible around weather and other demands. Schedule your running sessions but be a little bit flexible if one morning it’s cold, raining and -2 degrees. Maybe you could run later in the morning when the day has warmed up?

6. Music is a great motivator. If you are running on your own, put together some motivating playlists and grab your ipod/iphone and earbuds as you are heading out the door. There are lots of accessories on the market for carrying your music player and listening to some good tunes. I personally use my iphone in a waterproof case shoved down my running top with a set of cordless earbuds (Bluebuds) and love it, music makes it so much better!

7. Finally, just Get Started! There are an endless number of excuses to not run, I know, I’ve used them all! But what I have learned is that the hardest part is just getting started. Once you are out there you will enjoy yourself and there’s that sense of achievement when finished. Feeling guilty because you missed a session just doesn’t compare to thinking “I’m really glad I did that!”.

Posted: Wednesday 22 August 2018