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My name is Selina Thompson and I am a Chiropractor with the skills and experience to truly resolve your pain and discomfort in a very short time.  I am very fortunate to have been trained in a treatment approach that identifies the primary issue in your structure that is the driving force behind the majority of acute and chronic problems.  This original imbalance has been present since childhood and when corrected has a profound release on your nervous system, allowing your body to heal naturally, eliminating pain and other symptoms.  You can experience relief with a few treatments and once the primary issues have been resolved your body will continue a process of self-correction and healing.

Have you tried a number of different types of treatment without satisfying results or a resolution to your problem?  It could be that the core issue within your structure hasn’t been addressed yet.  In my experience the majority of neuromuscular problems can be traced back to an early childhood imbalance within the hip and pelvic system.  As long as this imbalance remains you will only experience temporary relief because following most treatments this hip imbalance will drive your structure back to a state of imbalance, tension, irritation and pain.  My approach firstly diagnoses and corrects your original hip and pelvic imbalance to remove its effect on the rest of the structure.  It is then easy to correct and resolve your more specific problem as the body will naturally realign itself.

Have you ever been told you have a short leg? 

There are two types of short legs, structural and functional.  A structural short leg is physically shorter as a result of trauma such as fracture or because there has been a growth issue, and is usually a permanent condition.  In my experience this occurs very rarely.  The more common condition amongst the population is the functional short leg.  This occurs because the angle that the thigh bone is being held within the hip socket is different between one hip and the other, a basic hip angle imbalance. This angle of the hip joint can make one leg appear shorter, sometimes up to half an inch.  I can balance your hip angles within one session, eliminating any functional short leg.